Storm water of modern cities and industrial enterprises is mostly polluted with suspended substances of mineral origin, in addition, they contain organic substances, and can also be contaminated by all kinds of bacteria.

By composition, rainwater can be classified as slightly polluted domestic water. In some industries, surface wastewater is contaminated significantly, often containing copper, lead and arsenic, and therefore need to be cleaned.

In accordance with Sanitary/Hygienic Norms and Regulations II-32-74 and CH 496-77, the system of rainwater sewage also provides for the removal of the most polluted part of rain and melted water for purification.

Employees of the Independent Laboratory of JSC REAGENTY VODOKANALA will conduct an analysis of sewage storm drains, with subsequent recommendations and justification of the results obtained.

The analysis of storm sewer water is carried out on 7 indicators (pH, chlorides, sulfates, total iron, suspended substances, dry residue, oil products).